Cure Nice Guy by David Shade

Cure Nice Guy is a product developed by David Shade, one of the most prominent sex gurus out there. It is an entry level course that promises to teach the mindset required to truly give a woman a mind blowing experience -- both inside the bedroom and out.

While David Shade has other, more advanced products, such as sexual techniques involving hypnosis (he is famous for being a guy who can give women orgasms with his voice alone), he recommends that Cure Nice Guy be one of the first products that his customers purchase because it contains the building blocks for his more advanced stuff.

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What's Inside the Cure Nice Guy System?

Cure Nice Guy is 130 pages of really good stuff. It spends a good amount of time setting you up with the proper mindset you need to lead a woman to sexual nirvana, but also has a bunch of really "actionable" sex tips that you can start putting to use immediately.

I'm a big David Shade fan, and for good reason. I started reading the guy's stuff before I even had sex, and when I finally lost my virginity my experienced girlfriend was blown away... she told me I was the best lover she'd ever had. And I know she meant it.

And that was just off reading some of David's advice. Today I feel like a sex god, but I honestly wonder where I'd be if I never found any of his stuff.

In addition to the Cure Nice Guy manual, David Shade has thrown in a few bonuses which I haven't checked out yet (but they look really cool). There's a 2 hour teleseminar hosted by David for those who prefer to learn through audio, and some stuff that was written by women who had these techniques used ON them.

I can't really say enough good stuff about David Shade's Cure Nice Guy, so I'll just stop here.

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Who Is This Information Written For?

This information is written for men who are wanting to take their sexual prowess to the next level and learn to do "bad boy" stuff like talk dirty. It's for men who want to learn David Shade's techniques without having to go to one of his expensive seminars or take his expensive personal coaching.

David Shade makes sure to make one thing clear -- Cure Nice Guy does not aim to make you a bad boy. David actually doesn't like being a bad boy, and instead advocates emulating only the specific traits that bad boys have that excite women while staying true to yourself.

The problem isn't so much with being "nice", as it is with being nice to the point where you are boring in bed.

What to Do Now

How is your current sex life? How badly do you want to make your woman (or women) crave crazy, freaky, wild sex?

If you want dirty talk, if you want to hear your woman's fantasies and act them out (or your own), if you want to be the best she's ever had... then Cure Nice Guy is one hell of a place to start.

You'll probably want to move up to David's more advanced products later, but Cure Nice Guy is a fantastic place to start.

Cold Hard Conclusion:: Cure Nice Guy isn't cheap, but it's the real deal.

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