What Women Secretly Wish You Knew About Sex

Frequently Asked Questions About Sex and the Female Orgasm (FAQ)

1. What are the different types of orgasms that a woman can have?

While there are some who would complicate the answer to this question, the truth is that there are two different major female orgasms which can be reached through different methods: the clitoral orgasm, and the vaginal orgasm.

Most women have experienced a clitoral orgasm in their lifetime, while a vaginal orgasm is more uncommon. Many women who have had vaginal orgasms, especially during intercourse, report that they are the more satisfying and fulfilling of the two.

The clitoral orgasm is perhaps more powerful, but it is not as intimate of a feeling and it lasts much shorter than a vaginal orgasm, which can feel like a long wave of pleasure moving throughout the entire body.

2. How can I give a woman a vaginal orgasm?

Giving a woman a vaginal orgasm, especially if she has never had one before, usually has several prerequisites. The woman you are having sex with will need to respect and trust you to the point where she is completely relaxed and comfortable sharing her pleasure with you. She will also need to be adequately turned on and capable of having vaginal orgasms.

Most healthy women are capable of having vaginal orgasms, even if they have never had one before. If you need to "train" your woman to be able to have vaginal orgasms, then you shuold read this article: Method to Give Women Vaginal Orgasms.

3. Where Can I Get Expert Sex Advice for Men?

Because sexuality is such a universal interest, there are a lot of people who try to position themselves as "experts" in the field who really have no real life experience, which is what you need. For resources that I recommend, take a look at the Sex Advice Product Reviews section of the website (coming soon).

4. Are There any Sex Toys That I Can Use to Enhance Her Satisfaction?

Hmm... sex toys are something that I often discourage for men who are not already where they want to be sexually. Once you have her thinking you are the best lover in the world, then go right ahead and use whatever you want on her.

There is actually one type of sex toy I do recommend, because it's more "interactive" for the man and lets him maintain control over his woman's orgasm. You can read about it in this article: Should You Use Sex Toys?

5. How Can I Last Longer in Bed? I ejaculate too quickly.

This is probably the question that I get more often than any other, and it's also the hardest to answer.

I do believe that there is something that most guys can do to last longer in bed. However, what that "something" is differs from guy to guy, which is what creates this situation.

However, I have a work-in-progress guide that will attempt to cover everything I know of on the subject, and point you in the direction of useful resources. Check it out here: Lasting Longer in Bed: Advice for Men

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