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How to Eat a Woman Out and Leave Her Begging for More

Oral sex is very important for women. It's important because it is the most reliable way to make her have the all important orgasm, so if you want to be the complete package in the bedroom your cunninglus skills are definitely something that you're going to have to get right.

Most women will tell you that not many guys give very good head. Still, don't despair, because unlike love making, this is a relatively easy skill to master, and in this article I'm going to reveal the easiest route to her orgasm.

Preparation for Eating Her Out

Like every aspect of lovemaking, a woman experiencing satisfaction from oral sex largely depends on factors that are decided before you even begin to go down on her. For best results, make sure there has been a good 30 minutes of steamy foreplay. Don't get mechanical with it and watch the clock or anything, but look for the usual signals of heightened arousal: your woman should be very into you, bucking her pelvis, etc. If you don't know how to apply proper foreplay, then click that link to read my article on that subject.

It helps to be well groomed as well, but it is not necesarry. If it all possible though, make sure your nails are clipped and your facial hair is trimmed or at least not too pokey.

Your Opening Move

Before you begin to eat her out, you're going to want to tease her a bit. This is extremely powerful and will cause her to come much harder than normal.

Kiss all around her thighs and pelvis. Hover dangerously close to her pussy, and then float away. In a deep, slow, sensual voice, say erotic things to her. Kiss all around her labia without actually touching it yet.

Don't actually make contact with either her labia or clitoris until she is bucking or moaning for you! Once it's obvious that she is ready, begin by gently taking her labia (the outer lips of her vagina) into your mouth and sucking gently, up and down.

At this point, you're still just warming her up, and you should begin to notice that she is getting very wet and that her clitoris is getting bigger.

Note: Before you dig in, ask her if she is comfortable first. If she tells you she is not, then she probably wants to freshen up down there, so ask her if she wants to take a shower with you. You can resume after a sexy shower!

Going for the Gold

Despite what you may have heard elsewhere, you will not be licking inside or darting your tongue in and out of her as if it were a penis. You are going to be focusing 95% of your tongue's efforts on her clitoris.

Save the vagina for your penis or your fingers. When it comes to oral sex, it's the clitoris's time to shine. Because the clitoris is usually too dry to feel all of its potential pleasure, your moist tongue is perfectly complimentary.

Begin by licking the clitoris in circles. While you do this, you have a few options about how to use your hands to maximize her pleasure.

What I find works best is to either gently caress her butt, thighs, and abdomen while you give her the licking of her life (this takes a bit of coordination) or to simply give her some support, which allows her to fully relax and enjoy the pleasure that you're giving her.

The more relaxed a woman is, the more easily and more powerfully she will orgasm during oral sex. There is a special position which you can hold her which will make her feel very relaxed and secure.

Put one of your hands underneath her butt and hold her. Use your other hand to massage her pelvis. This is supremely relaxing and will make her come faster than you ever thought possible.

How to Lick Her Clitoris

Now that you're ready to commence with the licking, begin by licking circles around her clit. As she gets more and more turned on, begin to flick your tongue up and down on her clitoris. It is this motion that will ultimately cause her to orgasm, so you want to continue it until she does.

Here are two rules to live by during oral sex: use a circular motion around her clitoris to tease her and raise her level of arousal. Use a flicking up and down motion to make her climax.

A Trick to Set You Apart from Other Men

The clitoris is a tricky thing indeed. It is usually too sensitive to sustain great force, but the greater force it receives, the more pleasurable her orgasm will be. The trick is that when she starts to become extremely aroused, the clitoris can sustain a great deal more force than usual.

When she starts showing the obvious signs that she is close to orgasming, you are going to want to apply the pressure. Pucker your lips out, and begin to suck her clitoris, being careful to maintain your flicking motion (this is key, don't just suck, you want to lick!)

Start off by sucking gently. Any time she can't take it, suck a little softer. As she gets more and more excited, suck harder, maintaining your up and down lick the entire time. When she starts to come, suck harder, maintaining the lick. Do this correctly, and chances are she will have a squirting orgasm.


If you know how to properly eat a woman out, you set yourself apart from just about every other man on the planet. You can keep a woman as long as you want her. This is definitely a skill worth learning.

Still, simply mastering oral sex is not enough to become a true sex god. If you want to know how to blow her mind in more ways than one, follow the steps in the box below.

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