Male Multiple Orgasm by Ian Kessler

Male Multiple Orgasm is a guide written by Ian Kessler which promises to teach men how to continue to have sex even after climaxing, benefiting them with increased pleasure and longer endurance.

While the concept of male multiple orgasm has been written about and well documented in the past, there have been surprisingly few books or instructions on the subject for men wanting to learn.

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What's Inside the Male Multiple Orgasm Book?

Ian Kessler begins the guide by telling his own story and experiences with male multiple orgasm. He then explains exactly how it works, before getting into the details of the specific exercises you must perform to get your body ready.

The "good stuff" (the reason most people buy the book) doesn't start till a bit later, but it's perfectly understandable why Ian Kessler would beat around the bush for a while. Many people don't even know that male multiple orgasm exists because it's not exactly something you learn about in school. Therefore, he spends time making the topic more familiar for you.

While there are roughly 117 pages in the guide (in pdf format -- these use larger text and are shorter than traditional hardcover novel pages) not everyone will need all of the information within. There is a table of contents which many people will find helpful, although Ian Kessler recommends reading everything before even attempting your first multiple orgasm.

After all's said and done and the techniques in Male Multiple Orgasm are revealed, he also offers some nice tips and suggestions about where to go from there and apply what you've learned to "real life."

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Who Is This Information Written For?

One good thing about Male Multiple Orgasm is that Ian Kessler writes it for both the single man and the one in a commited relationship. Understandably, those wihtout a commited partner to "practice" the techniques (practice is probably necesarry before you can master it) solo practice would be more convenient.

Ian Kessler provides two sets of each exercise: one for those in a relationship, and another for single men.

The guide is largely targeted at men who suffer from premature ejaculation and are looking for unconventional ways to last longer in bed (probably because they've tried everything else). From my experience, male multiple orgasm is indeed a good way to last longer, but that's not all it's about.

It's also about maximizing your pleasure and becoming a king in the bedroom. Since most women have never encountered a multi orgasmic men, you can potentially be the most amazing lover she's ever had if you have this mastered.

What to Do Now

If male multiple orgasm is something that interests you, then this should be a no brainer as it has a money back guarantee and teaches step-by-step information that's easily digestable.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation and want this for that reason, then it should be especially attractive -- this is a premature ejaculation solution that does take some effort, but can pay off in spades.

If you've dreamed of making love all night and having orgasm after orgasm, but your reality has been a bit "underwhelming"... then you owe it to yourself to try this.

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