Ejaculation Trainer by Matt Gorden

The Ejaculation Trainer is a guide written by Matt Gorden that claims to offer men techniques to finally get their premature ejaculation under control. The website makes some very bold claims, such as a promise that you can last 10-30 minutes longer in bed starting tonight.

That would basically be nirvana for those who suffer from premature ejaculation, as even five minutes of sex can often be too much for those with sensitive penises.

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What's Inside the Ejaculation Trainer book?

There is a lot of content inside the Ejaculation Trainer book. You have to be willing to read; this isn't a quick-fix magic pill.

That said, Matt Gorden is quick and to the point. This isn't written like a long classic novel; instead, it's a simple guide that spills the beans on everything that Matt Gorden knows about lasting longer in bed.

The Ejaculation Trainer starts out setting more realistic expectations than what is displayed on the sales page. It points out that there is going to be work and dedication involved in overcoming this problem, but also offers some reassurance that the information in the guide works when applied and taken seriously.

Matt Gorden then starts talking about the different causes of premature ejaculation, so that you can help identify your own.

So far, most of the stuff I've gone over is somewhat anecdotal advice. However, this stops abrubtly on page 25 (about 25% through The Ejaculation Trainer) when Matt starts laying out some cold, hard, actionable advice that you can follow.

I've read other premature ejaculaiton guides for review purposes or my own purposes, and they were mostly just rehashes of the same old stuff. Ejaculation Trainer impressed me in that regard, as it seems to be truly unique in comparison.

It's also worth noting that The Ejaculation Trainer comes with a few free bonuses. To me, the most interesting of these bonuses are the Multiple Orgasms for Men guide and the "Emergency Tactics" (trick to last longer tonight)

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Who Is This Information Written For?

Obviously, the intended audience for Ejaculation Trainer are men. Women aren't going ot get a whole lot of value here.

All jokes aside, the book makes sure to write relevant information for both single men and those in commited relationships.

It's written for those who feel that they have premature ejaculation, whatever that may mean to them. Whether you last 30 seconds or ten minutes, if you feel like you want to last longer, then Matt Gorden wants to speak with you.

What to Do Now

Take a look at your current outlook. How is your sex life? Do you feel let down by your premature ejaculation? Is this something that you haven't given up hope on, and want to do what you can to improve?

If you're seriously looking for some kind of solution... Matt Gorden's Ejaculation Trainer may or may not be it.

The fact is, your penis is unique, and what it takes for you to overcome your premature ejaculation may differ from what the next man needs.

Luckily, Matt Gorden covers a wide range of stuff here, so I am cautiously optimistic about suggesting that there may just be "something for everyone here."

Cold Hard Conclusion:: if you really want to overcome premature ejaculation, you may have to just try different things until you find something that works for you. And Matt Gorden's guide might be a good place to start; it's certainly better than most guides I've read, and leaps ahead of the free information out there.

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